6 Reasons to Background-Check Every Potential New Hire

New HireScreening each potential new hire offers a range of benefits including fraud/theft reduction, better compliance, a safer workplace, the creation of a higher quality workforce, and fewer lawsuits due to negligent hiring. Before hiring that new applicant, employers should know who they’re bringing on board. Here are six reasons to background-check each potential new hire:

1. Assists in Screening for Qualified Employees

Background screening can assist in verifying that an applicant truly has the experience, education, credentials, achievements and job history claimed on a resume and/or during an interview.

2. Increased Workplace Safety

Despite how they might seem on paper, disruptive or even violent behavior is a risk with some workers. A criminal background check as part of an employment screening background checks process can help with reducing workplace hazards by avoid hiring those with a violent past.

3. Reduced Risk of Theft and Fraud by Staff Members

Theft and fraud committed internally by staff members results in huge financial losses for many businesses. Employment background checks can help companies to avoid hiring workers with a criminal past and reduce incidents of fraud and inventory or monetary theft in the workplace.

4. Fewer Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

Negligent hiring lawsuits are expensive, damaging to a brand name, debilitating to a business reputation, and toxic for a workplace environment. Screening every potential new hire helps to lower the risk of such lawsuits and the resultant bad press that can be generated.

5. Assistance with Meeting Compliance

Whether it’s from the state or federal government, clients, vendors or business partners, most businesses have compliance requirements they must meet related to hiring. Performing professional background screening on each potential new employee will help to ensure due diligence and provide documentation that the rules were followed for each new hire.

6. A Stronger Workforce

Background checks assist employers in finding and hiring the highest quality applicants possible while screening out those with less integrity. This means that in the long term, the workplace will attract and maintain better quality employees and ultimately a stronger business.

Employment screening offers a multitude of benefits that both improve the workplace climate and reduce liability for companies. To reap these six key benefits (and more), employers should strongly consider performing a background check for every potential new hire. Keeping checks for each applicant consistent will also help to ensure each new employee is a positive addition to the workforce.

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Source: https://www.sba.gov/content/pre-employment-background-checks

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