The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)

For years, our clients at have relied upon us for up-to-date information about the industry and reliable national instant criminal check reports. We believe that our clients benefit from additional knowledge about the industry, which is why we recently released an information sheet about the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

 National Federal Background CheckThe National Instant Criminal Background Check System is a federal service that is provided by the FBI. The goal of this program is to reduce the number of gun-related incidents in the United States by preventing unqualified buyers from purchasing firearms. The NICS is a point-of-sale background check that is performed at federally-licensed firearms dealers. Private gun sales are not monitored by the NICS, unless it is mandated by the state law.

People who are interested in purchasing firearms will have their information submitted through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System at the time they are looking to purchase the item. The clerk at the federally-licensed dealer will contact the system by way of the phone or the computer, and at that point the information is submitted electronically into the e-check system. In a matter of moments, the buyer will know whether or not they are qualified to purchase the firearm that they desire. Since the program was put into place in 1998, more than 100 million checks have been performed. Of those, nearly 700,000 people were denied the chance to purchase a firearm based on information found on their NICS background check.

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 was signed into law by United States President Bill Clinton. The act went into effect in February 1994, and was named after James Brady, the man who was shot by John Hinckley, Jr. when he attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in March of 1981. The goal of the Brady Act was to institute a federal background check system for people who were interested in purchasing firearms in the United States. This act ultimately produced the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

We at have found that those who are interested in our industry — specifically our clients — benefit from additional information about background check services and our free background check resources. While we do not offer NICS services, we do offer accurate national instant criminal check reports. For more information, contact our company representatives today.

New Toll Free Phone Number Support for Public Record Search Customers

At, we recognize that all of our clients and customers have different needs when it comes to ordering a criminal background check or a public record search. Whether a client wants to complete a national criminal background check on a future employee or a customer needs to run a public record search on an individual for other reasons, we know that our clients may require our help, expertise and premier service in order to choose the package that is right for them.

Public Record Search Phone NumberWith this in mind, we have recently launched a toll free phone line for our customers. Clients can now quickly reach our customer support team simply by calling 877-732-3436. Customer service representatives are available to answer phone calls and return messages during the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are committed to listening to your feedback, answering your account questions, providing you with public records resources and offering you the customer support that you need. offers its customers the unique opportunity to receive a public record search or a criminal background check in a matter of seconds. Our reports are known throughout the industry for not only being accurate, but also for being well-designed and easy to interpret. We understand that you need the information in these reports in order to make important decisions. We want you to know that you received the best information and the best criminal background check data services.  For customers interested in volume discount pricing, they can request a background check quote today!

We are excited about the launch of our toll free phone line, and we are looking forward to hearing directly from our customers. Our customer service support team has earned a reputation of providing customers with public record search solutions, information and answers. In addition, our team relays our customer feedback to us and we often implement those suggestions as soon as possible. To find out more information about and to address any and all of your customer service needs, contact us today at 877-732-3436. We can’t wait to take your call. Offers Healthcare Criminal Background Checks

Instant Criminal Checks Now Offers Healthcare Criminal Background Checks to Hospitals and Heath Care Industry Organizations.

Healthcare Criminal Background Checks

Healthcare Background Checks

As the health care industry continues to expand, we at recognized a growing need for healthcare criminal background checks among industry organizations. Hospitals are hiring more physicians and nurses, and home care facilities need reliable employees to care for their patients. With this in mind, we created a set of customized health care background check packages designed to meet the needs of health care providers and employers.

Our health care criminal background check services will provide health care employers with the valuable information they need about an individual candidate before making a hiring decision. Health care providers simply cannot take on the liability of an employee who has a criminal record, so these reports are vital. However, they have not always been this easy to obtain or this affordable. At, we wanted to change all of that.

Our affordable packages include valuable public record information that can be difficult or time-consuming to obtain. The information is delivered to our customers instantaneously, and is provided to them in an easy-to-read report. Our company representatives are on hand at all stages of the process to work with clients and ensure that they have a positive experience with We pride ourselves not only on our ability to provide our customers with accurate, reliable healthcare criminal checks but also our reputation for superior customer service.

Our healthcare criminal background checks are perfect for organizations such as hospitals, home care facilities, health care clinics, doctor’s offices, physical therapy centers, nursing home facilities and laboratory testing centers. All of these health care businesses must hire trustworthy employees, which makes obtaining accurate healthcare criminal checks a necessity.

Whether your organization is looking to hire a new physical therapist, or you are taking on some volunteers to help with your patients, you will want to screen their background and determine if they are fit for your organization. Contact a company representative at today to create a customized health care criminal background check package designed to meet your needs.

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New Criminal Background Check Industry Resources Webpage Portal Compiles All Resources Into One Complete, Easy-to-Use Criminal Background Check Industry Web Page Portal

Criminal Background Check Industry ResourcesAt, we know that our customers ultimately want a criminal background check that is affordable, accurate and delivered to them instantly. However, we also realize that many of our clients want to know more about the criminal background check industry as a whole and may need additional resources to complete their research. With that in mind, we have created the Public Records Resources Webpage Portal. This webpage compiles all of the best employment check resources and criminal background check industry resources available online in order to help our customers make decisions for their personal and professional lives.

The Criminal Background Check Industry Resources Webpage provides tools and information that will help our customers understand their reports better and maximize their use of the information. The following links are included on this valuable webpage:

  • Background Industry Abbreviations — An alphabetical list of common industry abbreviations.
  • Instant Criminal Checks Glossary — An alphabetical compilation of common terms and definitions in the criminal background check industry.
  • Free Background Check Resources — A list of free resources available to those interested in criminal background checks.
  • Other Resources — A list of resources that might assist customers throughout their search and decision-making process.
  • Fair Credit Report Act Compliance and Forms — Information about FCRA compliance and the forms that customers need to fill out.

We not only want our customers to get the best information from their reports that they receive from us, but we also want to educate them about the criminal background check industry as a whole. With additional resources, our customers can make the best use of their reports and make sound decisions with confidence.

Enhancing the customer experience is our top priority at We welcome any and all feedback about our new Resources Webpage. Our customer care team is available at any time before, during or after the ordering process, allowing customers to get the care, advice and service that they need whenever they need it. For more information, contact us today.

Simplified Ordering Process with New Background Check Services Page

At, we pride ourselves on the fact that our customers have instant access to the best, most complete background check services and pre-employment background reports. In an effort to make the ordering process easier for our customers, we have launched a background check products listing page that details all of the various packages we offer.

Background Check ServicesUtilizing this new web page, our customers can quickly browse the various employment background check packages and background check services that we have available. Each description includes a bullet-point list of the price, what it includes and the average turnaround time. To place their orders, customers can simply select the button next to the package they wish to purchase.

We are confident that this web new page will help our customers gain a better understanding of everything we offer at By providing a complete list of all of our packages, customers can see what their options are and decide which package will work best for them. Our background check reports are known for being not only accurate but easy to read. This means when you receive your report, you’ll be able to quickly get the information you need in order to make the best decision for you or your business.

At, we are always looking to improve our employment background check services. We have a reputation for truly listening to our customers and implementing their suggestions. We look forward to your feedback regarding our new product listing web page.

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ICC Rewards Clients, Improves Criminal Background Check Accounts

All clients at are treated equal in the sense that they all receive the best criminal background check results in the shortest amount of time possible. However, as a company we still wanted to reward our repeat customers and high volume clients. With this in mind, we have recently developed and launched a new payment plan system that will be more flexible for our clients and also provide them with high volume discounts.

Criminal Background Check Accounts

Criminal Background Check Volume Discounts

Clients now have the opportunity to set up criminal background check accounts with us, complete with monthly billing payment options. These flexible accounts also provide our clients with more services, such as invoice storage and printing, account history and net 30 payment terms. Clients are able to pay their bills monthly using either a check or credit card, whichever they prefer. As always, provides secure payment options through PayPal as well.

For those who have to order bulk criminal background check reports, has developed a discounted rate. Each discount varies based on the order, the search type, the bundle package and the search volume. Individual clients who are interested in the high volume discount are invited to set up a free consultation appointment with a sales representative from

Our goal with the new criminal background check accounts and the high volume discount is to provide our customers who have unique needs with a plan catered to them. We recognize that some businesses and organizations require more criminal background check reports than others, and therefore utilize our services more. This is our way of saying thank you for your repeat business and our way of rewarding you for continuing to work with We consider customer service and satisfaction to be a top priority at, and want to make sure we are constantly improving our services for our most valued customers.

For more information on the criminal background check accounts and high volume discount options, contact us at today to set up your free consultation and to fill out the account application.

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