ICC Rewards Clients, Improves Criminal Background Check Accounts

All clients at InstantCriminalChecks.com are treated equal in the sense that they all receive the best criminal background check results in the shortest amount of time possible. However, as a company we still wanted to reward our repeat customers and high volume clients. With this in mind, we have recently developed and launched a new payment plan system that will be more flexible for our clients and also provide them with high volume discounts.

Criminal Background Check Accounts

Criminal Background Check Volume Discounts

Clients now have the opportunity to set up criminal background check accounts with us, complete with monthly billing payment options. These flexible accounts also provide our clients with more services, such as invoice storage and printing, account history and net 30 payment terms. Clients are able to pay their bills monthly using either a check or credit card, whichever they prefer. As always, InstantCriminalChecks.com provides secure payment options through PayPal as well.

For those who have to order bulk criminal background check reports, InstantCriminalChecks.com has developed a discounted rate. Each discount varies based on the order, the search type, the bundle package and the search volume. Individual clients who are interested in the high volume discount are invited to set up a free consultation appointment with a sales representative from InstantCriminalChecks.com.

Our goal with the new criminal background check accounts and the high volume discount is to provide our customers who have unique needs with a plan catered to them. We recognize that some businesses and organizations require more criminal background check reports than others, and therefore utilize our services more. This is our way of saying thank you for your repeat business and our way of rewarding you for continuing to work with InstantCriminalChecks.com. We consider customer service and satisfaction to be a top priority at InstantCriminalChecks.com, and want to make sure we are constantly improving our services for our most valued customers.

For more information on the criminal background check accounts and high volume discount options, contact us at InstantCriminalChecks.com today to set up your free consultation and to fill out the account application.

To read more, please visit the Criminal Background Check Discount Press Release.


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