6 Reasons to Background-Check Every Potential New Hire

New HireScreening each potential new hire offers a range of benefits including fraud/theft reduction, better compliance, a safer workplace, the creation of a higher quality workforce, and fewer lawsuits due to negligent hiring. Before hiring that new applicant, employers should know who they’re bringing on board. Here are six reasons to background-check each potential new hire:

1. Assists in Screening for Qualified Employees

Background screening can assist in verifying that an applicant truly has the experience, education, credentials, achievements and job history claimed on a resume and/or during an interview.

2. Increased Workplace Safety

Despite how they might seem on paper, disruptive or even violent behavior is a risk with some workers. A criminal background check as part of an employment screening background checks process can help with reducing workplace hazards by avoid hiring those with a violent past.

3. Reduced Risk of Theft and Fraud by Staff Members

Theft and fraud committed internally by staff members results in huge financial losses for many businesses. Employment background checks can help companies to avoid hiring workers with a criminal past and reduce incidents of fraud and inventory or monetary theft in the workplace.

4. Fewer Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

Negligent hiring lawsuits are expensive, damaging to a brand name, debilitating to a business reputation, and toxic for a workplace environment. Screening every potential new hire helps to lower the risk of such lawsuits and the resultant bad press that can be generated.

5. Assistance with Meeting Compliance

Whether it’s from the state or federal government, clients, vendors or business partners, most businesses have compliance requirements they must meet related to hiring. Performing professional background screening on each potential new employee will help to ensure due diligence and provide documentation that the rules were followed for each new hire.

6. A Stronger Workforce

Background checks assist employers in finding and hiring the highest quality applicants possible while screening out those with less integrity. This means that in the long term, the workplace will attract and maintain better quality employees and ultimately a stronger business.

Employment screening offers a multitude of benefits that both improve the workplace climate and reduce liability for companies. To reap these six key benefits (and more), employers should strongly consider performing a background check for every potential new hire. Keeping checks for each applicant consistent will also help to ensure each new employee is a positive addition to the workforce.

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Source: https://www.sba.gov/content/pre-employment-background-checks

Running an Employment History Check is Complicated

The job market is really fierce right now. There are often many people vying for good jobs, and when that occurs, sometimes people will lie to gain an advantage in the hiring process. One important way to keep from getting taken advantage of is to run an employment history check. However, the process isn’t really as easy as just finding out if the person has the employment background they claim, or if they have a criminal history.

Employment History Check

The potential employee has a right to privacy in certain personal matters and is protected by federal law and many states have additional laws. Employers must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which is federal law and requires you to get consent, in writing, before conducting an employment history check or a criminal history check. Even after acquiring written consent, the future employer in most cases is limited to information that is relevant to the position being filled.

A job that requires a specific license, certification, or degree would require proof that the candidate has earned those credentials and a professional license verification or education verification would be appropriate. However, if you’re hiring a custodian, proof of a college degree may not be necessary, and it could be violation of a job candidate’s privacy if a future employer seeks to find that information.

Credit checks are another sticky situation that everyone may not understand where the limits are. As previously mentioned, under the FCRA, an employee, or job candidate must give consent for an employee’s credit check. Running a credit check is important for certain jobs and industries, like banking.

States and some cities also have laws about how much criminal history information an employer has the right to know. In some states, certain types of jobs are not allowed to know about crimes in the past; whether they were found guilty or not. However, in other jobs, such as teaching positions, a criminal history is deemed to be relevant to the job. In many states, it doesn’t matter how far in the past the crimes occurred.

Because knowing many of these things is very important to an employer to have the peace of mind in knowing they have hired someone they can trust, hiring a professional screening company to do an employment history check is a smart course of action. A professional screening company should ensure that they find out the proper employment history check information without violating any FCRA laws.

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Source: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/running-background-checks-job-applicants-29623.html

5 Stark Realities of Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing JobsIt’s a safe bet that just about everyone, at one time or another has dreamed about being their own boss. Most people envision working from home in sweats and tees, setting their own hours, choosing their own assignments, blissfully free of long commutes and traffic jams, irritating co-workers, unreasonable bosses, and tiny cubicles. And it’s true that freelancing jobs can offer all of those perks, and then some. With constantly evolving technologies and mobile devices, millions of workers every year, often fed up with trying to find a job, turn to freelancing as an ever more viable alternative, and employers are welcoming them with open arms. Most employers will still require pre-employment background checks which may include criminal background checks. Freelancing can be a very rewarding career option, but it requires a considerable change of lifestyle, and should be carefully considered before one takes the leap.

Here are five hard realities of freelancing jobs:

  1. Freelancing is a whole new ballgame. It requires a completely different approach to work. Transitioning from a 9 to 5 job to being self-employed can be quite a culture shock. It’s possible to develop the self-discipline necessary to meet deadlines and complete assignments without supervision, but many will find it difficult at first. On the other hand, for some it just comes naturally. And unlike having a regular salary or hourly paycheck, if the freelancer isn’t working, they aren’t earning.
  2. Freelancers work more hours. Unless they hire extra help, freelancers have to do everything themselves, administrative chores, bookkeeping and billing, marketing and acquiring new clients. And none of this pays anything for the time spent on it. In general, a freelancer will work more than 40 hours a week. But their hours are arguably more pleasant, spent for the benefit of one’s own advancement.
  3. Freelancing jobs are a lonely profession. Social isolation is an occupational hazard of most freelancing jobs. Pets, plants, and talk radio are poor replacements for interaction with real human beings. There are many ways to counter the lonely hours spent working, but it takes an effort, which can be a lot of fun.
  4. Freelancing jobs has ups and downs. As in, availability of work. Sometimes the workload will seem overwhelming, other times the phone just isn’t ringing. Good money management skills are a must to weather lean times.
  5. Freelancers have real jobs. Many people have a hard time wrapping their heads around freelancing jobs. If a person isn’t commuting to a brick and mortar structure, they can’t have a real job now, can they? It’s an attitude that freelancers just get used to, and one that will change as freelancing jobs becomes more common.

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Taxpayers Exposed To Risk Due To Lack Of IRS Background Checks

An internal federal investigation found that the IRS failed to conduct or to complete IRS background checks on at least 17 contractors who were hired to process sensitive and private taxpayer information. The failure to conduct or complete these background investigations violated IRS procedures, which require IRS background checks whenever contractors have access to what is called SBU — Sensitive But Unclassified — taxpayer information.

IRS Background ChecksThe audit of the IRS background checks procedures was conducted by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, a government watchdog that provides independent oversight of IRS activities. The purpose of the Inspector General’s investigation and report were to find out how effective the IRS had been at ensuring that the required background investigations of contractors were carried out.

The investigation showed that the IRS had failed to ensure that the policies were properly carried out in the identified cases. The Inspector General made several recommendations to the IRS, including that the IRS provide better training to staff on security requirements when dealing with contractors.

The amount of information that may have been comprised due to the IRS’ failure to adequately investigate was huge. It included a CD containing the names, addresses, and social security numbers of 1.4 million taxpayers, which was handed to contractors who had not undergone the required background checks. With that information, someone with the intent to commit identity theft or other crimes could do an enormous amount of damage. Failing to conduct IRS background checks in such a situation violates not only government procedures, but also common sense.

Identity theft is an increasing problem. According to the AP and Yahoo News, the number of criminals who tried to file tax returns using stolen social security numbers in order to claim someone else’s refund has gone up sharply in recent years. A couple of years ago, in fact, the IRS paid out $4 billion in refunds to people who were later found to have fake identities, and it discovered an additional $12 billion in attempted fraud attempts that did not succeed.

Also in recent years, there have been several high-profile incidents involving government contractors who misused the information they had been given while performing the contracted work. This underscores the need for a consistently applied policy of background checks for all workers who will be handling sensitive data.

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New InstantCriminalChecks.com Criminal Data Resource Pages Announced

At InstantCriminalChecks.com, we have found that our customers want more than just a fast, easy and efficient way to get quick criminal history check ordering. While we do provide these services and many people have come to rely on our products, we also want to help extend our outreach efforts and work to educate our customers about the criminal history check industry. With this in mind, we have recently launched two new criminal data resource pages on our website.

The first new resource page is the Violent Crime Percentage by State page. Within this resource page, our customers will find reliable, accurate information about the violent crimes that take place on a state-by-state basis. This may help our clients narrow down their searches and better understand where to focus their efforts. In addition, it simply helps them stay informed about the violent crimes that are occurring across the country. Many of our customers are employers, parents, neighbors and business owners. They want to know what is going on within their communities, and use this criminal data in order to stay informed and safe.

The second new criminal data resource page is the Types of Violent Crimes page. On this page, clients can learn more about the different types of violent crimes. This helps them to better understand the data that they receive from us, as well as the information that is provided on other resource pages on InstantCriminalChecks.com. There are four types of violent crimes detailed on this resource page: murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

Crime Data

We are excited about these two new resource pages, and we know that our customers will be too. We take pride in the fact that people come to InstantCriminalChecks.com not only for great customer service and accurate, quick criminal history check reports. We love knowing that our customers count on us for information about criminal data, quick criminal history check reports and other background check industry information. We value the trust that our customers place in us as a company, and we are committed to continuing to work to improve our resources for everyone who visits our site.

New Temporary Agency Background Checks Webpage For Staffing Industry

At InstantCriminalChecks.com, we pride ourselves on our diverse client base and our ability to meet the needs of many different types of customers. Recently, we wanted to reach out to recruiting firms, temporary agencies and staffing firms by providing them with specific solutions to their staffing background check needs. With that in mind, we have launched the temporary agency background checks webpage on InstantCriminalChecks.com.

Temporary Agency Background Checks On the temporary agency background checks webpage, those who work with temporary agencies or staffing firms can find the information they need about our national criminal check, state criminal checks and local temp agency background checks. Those who are involved in the recruiting industry know first-hand that many companies that are hiring today are looking for qualified employees who will not pose a risk to the safety of others. This means that many job seekers must provide potential employers with a criminal background check as a part of their application. Our temporary agency background checks allow recruiters and temp agency workers to get the criminal background reports they need in order to place their clients with the best companies.

At InstantCriminalChecks.com, we offer a variety of specific staffing industry background check options. Clients can order a national criminal check, or opt for a county criminal background check. No matter what choice they make, our staffing industry clients can rest easy knowing that they are working with the best staffing criminal background checks provider in the industry. We not only offer instant and accurate criminal reports, but we also value your security and privacy.

Whether you are a veteran at a local temp agency or you are just starting out in the field of recruiting, we welcome you to contact us at any time about the different temporary agency background check services that we provide. We value your feedback, and look forward to working with you.

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