New Temporary Agency Background Checks Webpage For Staffing Industry

At, we pride ourselves on our diverse client base and our ability to meet the needs of many different types of customers. Recently, we wanted to reach out to recruiting firms, temporary agencies and staffing firms by providing them with specific solutions to their staffing background check needs. With that in mind, we have launched the temporary agency background checks webpage on

Temporary Agency Background Checks On the temporary agency background checks webpage, those who work with temporary agencies or staffing firms can find the information they need about our national criminal check, state criminal checks and local temp agency background checks. Those who are involved in the recruiting industry know first-hand that many companies that are hiring today are looking for qualified employees who will not pose a risk to the safety of others. This means that many job seekers must provide potential employers with a criminal background check as a part of their application. Our temporary agency background checks allow recruiters and temp agency workers to get the criminal background reports they need in order to place their clients with the best companies.

At, we offer a variety of specific staffing industry background check options. Clients can order a national criminal check, or opt for a county criminal background check. No matter what choice they make, our staffing industry clients can rest easy knowing that they are working with the best staffing criminal background checks provider in the industry. We not only offer instant and accurate criminal reports, but we also value your security and privacy.

Whether you are a veteran at a local temp agency or you are just starting out in the field of recruiting, we welcome you to contact us at any time about the different temporary agency background check services that we provide. We value your feedback, and look forward to working with you.

University Criminal Background Checks are Helping to Keep Schools Safe

At, we recognize the increasing importance of safety within the schools, colleges and universities in our country. With this in mind, we have developed a specialized criminal background check option for educational professionals who want to use background checks to investigate potential employees or future students. We now offer university criminal background checks and education criminal background checks designed specifically by our team of experts for those in the education industry.

University Criminal Background Checks

University Criminal Background Checks

These background checks include information about a person’s criminal records and will also note if the person is listed on the sex offender registry. Customers can choose a one-state criminal report, three-state criminal report or national criminal report when placing their order for a university criminal background check. We have designed these reports to make it easy for employers in the education industry to spot a problem employee before they are hired. We would like every student in the United States to have a chance to learn in a safe, secure classroom, regardless of where they are in their educational journey.

University criminal background checks are commonly used when hiring people to work within a school building. This means that everyone from the janitorial staff through the teachers and up to the principal have been through a criminal background check process. However, more educational institutions across the country are using these same reports on potential students who want to attend their college or university. In an age where security takes the top priority, schools are no longer taking chances about admitting students to their university or college without ensuring that they are a safe and accountable individual.

For more information about the university criminal background checks that we offer and to find out how these criminal checks could possibly help your educational facility, contact one of our customer care representatives today. Our team members will help you make the best decision for your school, college or university, and ensure that you get an instant, accurate report at a fair price.

To read more, please visit the New Education Employment Background Checks Webpage Press Release.

New Criminal Background Check Industry Resources Webpage Portal Compiles All Resources Into One Complete, Easy-to-Use Criminal Background Check Industry Web Page Portal

Criminal Background Check Industry ResourcesAt, we know that our customers ultimately want a criminal background check that is affordable, accurate and delivered to them instantly. However, we also realize that many of our clients want to know more about the criminal background check industry as a whole and may need additional resources to complete their research. With that in mind, we have created the Public Records Resources Webpage Portal. This webpage compiles all of the best employment check resources and criminal background check industry resources available online in order to help our customers make decisions for their personal and professional lives.

The Criminal Background Check Industry Resources Webpage provides tools and information that will help our customers understand their reports better and maximize their use of the information. The following links are included on this valuable webpage:

  • Background Industry Abbreviations — An alphabetical list of common industry abbreviations.
  • Instant Criminal Checks Glossary — An alphabetical compilation of common terms and definitions in the criminal background check industry.
  • Free Background Check Resources — A list of free resources available to those interested in criminal background checks.
  • Other Resources — A list of resources that might assist customers throughout their search and decision-making process.
  • Fair Credit Report Act Compliance and Forms — Information about FCRA compliance and the forms that customers need to fill out.

We not only want our customers to get the best information from their reports that they receive from us, but we also want to educate them about the criminal background check industry as a whole. With additional resources, our customers can make the best use of their reports and make sound decisions with confidence.

Enhancing the customer experience is our top priority at We welcome any and all feedback about our new Resources Webpage. Our customer care team is available at any time before, during or after the ordering process, allowing customers to get the care, advice and service that they need whenever they need it. For more information, contact us today.

ICC Rewards Clients, Improves Criminal Background Check Accounts

All clients at are treated equal in the sense that they all receive the best criminal background check results in the shortest amount of time possible. However, as a company we still wanted to reward our repeat customers and high volume clients. With this in mind, we have recently developed and launched a new payment plan system that will be more flexible for our clients and also provide them with high volume discounts.

Criminal Background Check Accounts

Criminal Background Check Volume Discounts

Clients now have the opportunity to set up criminal background check accounts with us, complete with monthly billing payment options. These flexible accounts also provide our clients with more services, such as invoice storage and printing, account history and net 30 payment terms. Clients are able to pay their bills monthly using either a check or credit card, whichever they prefer. As always, provides secure payment options through PayPal as well.

For those who have to order bulk criminal background check reports, has developed a discounted rate. Each discount varies based on the order, the search type, the bundle package and the search volume. Individual clients who are interested in the high volume discount are invited to set up a free consultation appointment with a sales representative from

Our goal with the new criminal background check accounts and the high volume discount is to provide our customers who have unique needs with a plan catered to them. We recognize that some businesses and organizations require more criminal background check reports than others, and therefore utilize our services more. This is our way of saying thank you for your repeat business and our way of rewarding you for continuing to work with We consider customer service and satisfaction to be a top priority at, and want to make sure we are constantly improving our services for our most valued customers.

For more information on the criminal background check accounts and high volume discount options, contact us at today to set up your free consultation and to fill out the account application.

To read more, please visit the Criminal Background Check Discount Press Release.


Our Membership with NAPBS, the Background Check Industry Association

We are proud to announce the fact that we are now a regular member with voting rights in the elite industry organization the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

This nationwide organization has more than 300 members and provides its members with educational opportunities and professional resources. It works to educate and advocate about consumer rights and privacy protection, as well as provide background check training opportunities for businesses like

National Association of Professional Background Screeners

National Association of Professional Background Screeners

As a voting member, our company Screening Intelligence has the opportunity to have a say in some of the most important industry decisions. We will be there first hand to hear about the latest developments, industry news, new technology and training opportunities. We will get a chance to participate in advocacy efforts in order to make our causes known at the local, state and national level. We will join our colleagues in the industry, in order to improve background check and get you the most accurate national criminal check responses possible.

There are more than 300 members in the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), and every member is affiliated with the industry in one form or another. Voting members all must be companies who provide employment screening background checks and other background check services to their customers directly. Affiliate and associate members are businesses that are related to the industry in one way or another, such as lawyers, insurance agents and human resources professionals.

It is our goal to remain a committed member of this professional organization that consists of the top industry leaders. As part of our commitment to our customers and excellent customer service, we make a pledge to participate in all relevant training opportunities and educational experiences so that we can provide the best services possible. has long been known as one of the top national criminal check agencies, but we still have a commitment to continue to improve, to provide thorough and accurate results, and to get you those results as quickly as we can. We look forward to working with our colleagues in the background check industry in this endeavor.

To read more, please visit the NAPBS Press Release.

Secure Criminal Background Checks with Top SSL Security Certification

Our customers at have known for years that we are the top provider of secure criminal background checks, and that their personal information is safe with us. We have a commitment to our customers that we will never misuse, share or sell their personal information, and we are constantly working to improve our online security.

Secure Criminal Background ChecksIn 2013, we have increased our website security even further by working with GeoTrust, one of the largest digital certification providers in the country. GeoTrust recently awarded with its GeoTrust True BusinessID with Extended Validation SSL certification. This certificate provides visible proof to customers that is a secure site where they can complete online transactions without worrying about fraud. It is the best SSL encryption certification available, proving that the site is as secure as possible.

This SSL Certification turns the address bar green in a high security browser, providing instant relief to customers who are interested in background check security. The green address bar proves that the website is secure, as does the padlock symbol and the rotating business name within the address bar. In a world where customers have to be even more vigilant about online security, this makes the process of purchasing secure criminal background checks online even easier than it was before.

For more information on our security policies at, visit our security page. We are happy to explain more about our policies and our commitment to personal security and protecting private information online.  We look forward to servicing more customers who require secure criminal background checks for both personal and professional reasons. For more information on the latest SSL certification award and encryption levels, check out the GeoTrust True Site Seal.

Check out the video about the importance of website security and secure criminal background checks.

To read more, please visit the Employment Background Check Security Certificate Press Release.