An Employment Background Check May Have Made All the Difference

On January 13, a store manager in south Charlotte, North Carolina was murdered. Allegedly, a convicted felon who was recently hired is the murderer. This tragedy brings to light the risks that are taken when a company hires employees without utilizing an employment background check for the applicants being considered.

An employment screening background check is only legally mandatory for employees working in particular fields. These fields include childcare and jobs where individuals work with the aged.

Workplace Violence

An employment background check may have made all the difference

The Flying Biscuit may be penalized or fined because businesses are not permitted to employ felons who have been convicted within the past three years for any jobs that require the serving of alcohol. Mark Anthony Cox allegedly stabbed Danielle Watson, 25 years old, to death and then robbed the cafe on the evening of January 13. Prosecutors fully intend to charge Cox with another murder count for the death of Watson’s unborn child.

According to state records, Cox had been released from prison only a couple months prior to this incident. He had served almost 24 months for breaking and entering as well as robbery.

A representative for the state Department of Crime Control & Public Safety stated that, according to the owner of The Flying Biscuit, an employment background check was not run on Cox.

As is seen here, companies that do not conduct employment screening employee background checks could be exposing themselves to the possibility of legal liability. According to statistics from the American Databank, employers lose in excess of 70% of the negligent hiring lawsuits. Employment background checks are not done in an attempt to tell the employer whom to hire. They are meant to enable the employer to decide whether to hire the individual based on all the facts.

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