New Criminal Data Resource Pages Announced

At, we have found that our customers want more than just a fast, easy and efficient way to get quick criminal history check ordering. While we do provide these services and many people have come to rely on our products, we also want to help extend our outreach efforts and work to educate our customers about the criminal history check industry. With this in mind, we have recently launched two new criminal data resource pages on our website.

The first new resource page is the Violent Crime Percentage by State page. Within this resource page, our customers will find reliable, accurate information about the violent crimes that take place on a state-by-state basis. This may help our clients narrow down their searches and better understand where to focus their efforts. In addition, it simply helps them stay informed about the violent crimes that are occurring across the country. Many of our customers are employers, parents, neighbors and business owners. They want to know what is going on within their communities, and use this criminal data in order to stay informed and safe.

The second new criminal data resource page is the Types of Violent Crimes page. On this page, clients can learn more about the different types of violent crimes. This helps them to better understand the data that they receive from us, as well as the information that is provided on other resource pages on There are four types of violent crimes detailed on this resource page: murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

Crime Data

We are excited about these two new resource pages, and we know that our customers will be too. We take pride in the fact that people come to not only for great customer service and accurate, quick criminal history check reports. We love knowing that our customers count on us for information about criminal data, quick criminal history check reports and other background check industry information. We value the trust that our customers place in us as a company, and we are committed to continuing to work to improve our resources for everyone who visits our site.

Our Membership with NAPBS, the Background Check Industry Association

We are proud to announce the fact that we are now a regular member with voting rights in the elite industry organization the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

This nationwide organization has more than 300 members and provides its members with educational opportunities and professional resources. It works to educate and advocate about consumer rights and privacy protection, as well as provide background check training opportunities for businesses like

National Association of Professional Background Screeners

National Association of Professional Background Screeners

As a voting member, our company Screening Intelligence has the opportunity to have a say in some of the most important industry decisions. We will be there first hand to hear about the latest developments, industry news, new technology and training opportunities. We will get a chance to participate in advocacy efforts in order to make our causes known at the local, state and national level. We will join our colleagues in the industry, in order to improve background check and get you the most accurate national criminal check responses possible.

There are more than 300 members in the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), and every member is affiliated with the industry in one form or another. Voting members all must be companies who provide employment screening background checks and other background check services to their customers directly. Affiliate and associate members are businesses that are related to the industry in one way or another, such as lawyers, insurance agents and human resources professionals.

It is our goal to remain a committed member of this professional organization that consists of the top industry leaders. As part of our commitment to our customers and excellent customer service, we make a pledge to participate in all relevant training opportunities and educational experiences so that we can provide the best services possible. has long been known as one of the top national criminal check agencies, but we still have a commitment to continue to improve, to provide thorough and accurate results, and to get you those results as quickly as we can. We look forward to working with our colleagues in the background check industry in this endeavor.

To read more, please visit the NAPBS Press Release.

Instant Criminal Checks has lowered its 3 State Criminal Search Price!

With a Priority on Customer Service, has lowered its 3 State Criminal Search Price and Made Ordering Easier than Ever

For years, our customers have relied on our criminal search services at in order to provide them with the important information they need so they can hire employees and rent properties to tenants. Now, we at are giving back to our customers by lowering the price on our 3 state criminal search and keeping the ordering process streamlined and simplified.

Our most popular package has long been the Instant 3-State Criminal Search that gives clients an opportunity to get the records results from three states in the country. This package now costs only $39.90, making this criminal history check even more affordable. It includes a criminal search of three states, as well as a free background check of the National Sex Offender Registry and the U.S. Most Wanted List Search. It is the most useful search option as well as the best value for our customers.

In addition to slashing our prices, we also wanted to make sure our ordering process was as simple as ever. Please view the above video for a quick detailed overview. There are four simple steps customers must complete that only take a matter of minutes. First, important information about the person being screened must be provided. This includes social security number, date of birth and full name. Second, the customer will select which employment screening and criminal background check package they want. They have the option of a single statewide criminal check, a 3-state criminal check or a national criminal check.  Other services include a federal court background search and an SSN verification and address history search.  Next, the customer will either sign in or register with the company. Finally, the client must agree to the terms and conditions and once they have, the results of their search will be delivered to them instantly. Never before have employers and landlords had the opportunity to enjoy affordable and easy criminal background check services.

To read more, please visit the PRWeb Press Release.