Before Starting That New Relationship or Going on That First Date, Run a Background Check

With the advent and exponential growth of online dating through various Internet match making sites, knowing the background of the people you are talking to and intend to meet someday becomes incredibly important, perhaps imperative.  With convicted felons both murderers and rapists creating false identities on dating sites to lure in their next victim, one can never be too cautious or safe when proceeding with online originating relationships.

A recent press release from outlined the following measures one should take when ready to meet that certain online somebody in person for the first time.

Top 5 ways to protect yourself:

  1. Arrive in a public place in separate vehicles.
  2. Go to a location you are familiar with.
  3. Always carry a fully charged mobile phone.
  4. Let others know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  5. Never give out a home address or home phone number.
  6. Conduct a dating background check prior to meeting.

While many online dating sites do not conduct criminal background checks for you, it is always a wise decision in this information age to take your personal safety into your own hands by conducting a dating background check on that online someone.  You may find out that they have many alias names, are a registered sex offender or convicted twice for assault and battery.  When you can run statewide criminal background checks in minutes online for only $25, it hardly seems like an opportunity to ignore.

Dating background checks can also be a way to build further trust with a potential soul mate online.  Exchanging truthful information between interested parties is always a path towards a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

Background checks are becoming more common in online dating environments for the benefits they contain and the ease of use they have evolved into.  However, there are other industries where performing criminal background checks has also been on the rise and they include Corporate America, education, medical-care/hospitals, free-lance contractors, volunteer positions, home health care including nannies and babysitters and any other position that works with vulnerable people like the elderly, young children and the disabled.

As uses for background checks especially criminal background checks increases over time, it is easing to know that online background check providers like remains committed to meeting the growing demands of its background check reports and internet functionality.

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