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Advanced Employment ScreeningAt, we have long prided ourselves on the fact that we provide the best, most immediate and advanced criminal background check services for our clients. With this unparalleled level of service in mind, we are excited to announce a new partnership with the website provides its clients with an affordable set of advanced employment screening services, designed to paint a comprehensive picture of a potential job candidate.

For years, local business owners and small corporations have relied on our background check services and on our expertise at With our new partnership, we are able to invite large corporation and major companies to experience our unique level of service. provides customers with many different types of advanced employment screening services, including national criminal background checks, employment verification services, professional reference verification services and educational verification services. Customers also can obtain driving records, social security number traces, credit reports, drug testing and national sex offender registry information when working with

We know that our customers love the criminal background check services they receive when they work with We are known for truly listening to customer feedback and implementing those changes within our organization in order to improve the experience for all of our customers. customers will be excited to know that those same customer service techniques are in place at As the company begins to grow and develop, the professionals at look forward to offering advanced employment screening services and hearing feedback from all of its clients. Clients can expect to see the company change and grow in the ways that they desire, as well as expand their employment screening solutions in order to help them make better hiring decisions for their respective organizations. We look forward to the opportunity of helping our new partner grow.

University Criminal Background Checks are Helping to Keep Schools Safe

At, we recognize the increasing importance of safety within the schools, colleges and universities in our country. With this in mind, we have developed a specialized criminal background check option for educational professionals who want to use background checks to investigate potential employees or future students. We now offer university criminal background checks and education criminal background checks designed specifically by our team of experts for those in the education industry.

University Criminal Background Checks

University Criminal Background Checks

These background checks include information about a person’s criminal records and will also note if the person is listed on the sex offender registry. Customers can choose a one-state criminal report, three-state criminal report or national criminal report when placing their order for a university criminal background check. We have designed these reports to make it easy for employers in the education industry to spot a problem employee before they are hired. We would like every student in the United States to have a chance to learn in a safe, secure classroom, regardless of where they are in their educational journey.

University criminal background checks are commonly used when hiring people to work within a school building. This means that everyone from the janitorial staff through the teachers and up to the principal have been through a criminal background check process. However, more educational institutions across the country are using these same reports on potential students who want to attend their college or university. In an age where security takes the top priority, schools are no longer taking chances about admitting students to their university or college without ensuring that they are a safe and accountable individual.

For more information about the university criminal background checks that we offer and to find out how these criminal checks could possibly help your educational facility, contact one of our customer care representatives today. Our team members will help you make the best decision for your school, college or university, and ensure that you get an instant, accurate report at a fair price.

To read more, please visit the New Education Employment Background Checks Webpage Press Release.

Secure Criminal Background Checks with Top SSL Security Certification

Our customers at have known for years that we are the top provider of secure criminal background checks, and that their personal information is safe with us. We have a commitment to our customers that we will never misuse, share or sell their personal information, and we are constantly working to improve our online security.

Secure Criminal Background ChecksIn 2013, we have increased our website security even further by working with GeoTrust, one of the largest digital certification providers in the country. GeoTrust recently awarded with its GeoTrust True BusinessID with Extended Validation SSL certification. This certificate provides visible proof to customers that is a secure site where they can complete online transactions without worrying about fraud. It is the best SSL encryption certification available, proving that the site is as secure as possible.

This SSL Certification turns the address bar green in a high security browser, providing instant relief to customers who are interested in background check security. The green address bar proves that the website is secure, as does the padlock symbol and the rotating business name within the address bar. In a world where customers have to be even more vigilant about online security, this makes the process of purchasing secure criminal background checks online even easier than it was before.

For more information on our security policies at, visit our security page. We are happy to explain more about our policies and our commitment to personal security and protecting private information online.  We look forward to servicing more customers who require secure criminal background checks for both personal and professional reasons. For more information on the latest SSL certification award and encryption levels, check out the GeoTrust True Site Seal.

Check out the video about the importance of website security and secure criminal background checks.

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Connect with us for Accurate Criminal Background Checks Information launches full-scale Social Media Campaign for clients to learn about accurate criminal background checks.

Connect Accurate Criminal Background Checks

Connect with us for Accurate Criminal Background Checks Information

Some customers have found that dealing with businesses online was much easier than working with them over the phone or in person. For others, even a standard website can be too cumbersome in this on-the-go world. Recognizing this fact, we at have decided it is time to delve head-first in the world of social media. We have recently launched 12 separate accounts on the most widely-used social media sites to ensure all of our customers can access us the way that they would like to.

We are proud of the fact that we provide our customers with instant, accurate criminal background checks and employment background checks. We recognize that every individual customer has different needs and will want to reach out to us in different ways. For this reason, we have increased our presence on the web by expanding our social media profiles to the following networks: LinkedIn, Manta, Technorati, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr and SlideShare. Whether our customers are a member of one or all of these social networking sites, we hope they are able to use these profiles with ease to enhance their experience with our company.

Customer service is our top priority, and we hope that this social media campaign helps our customers to have an even better experience with our company. We look forward to connecting with our clients in new and exciting ways while still providing them the best, most accurate criminal background checks and quickest results when it comes to the vital background records that they need.  Follow us today, get to know us better and improve your business at the same time.

For more information about social media accounts check out the social media page. To learn more about ordering accurate criminal background checks, visit We also include a free national sex offender registry search with all employment background checks.

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The Best Time To Complete Employment Screening Background Checks During The Hiring Process

As you begin to hire new employees, it’s essential to complete employment screening background checks.

Hiring employees is a time consuming task, especially if you want to do a thorough job of it to try to ensure that you get the right person in your company. When doing employment screening background checks, you must be careful to follow all of the local and federal laws on the matter in order to avoid a lawsuit from a job candidate. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sets forth guidelines that help employers follow proper procedures in order to complete an individualized assessment prior to disqualifying a job applicant. Many cases of discrimination have gone to court due to companies not following the law.

Employment Screening Background Checks

86% of employers use employment screening background checks

You don’t want to hire a cashier who has a criminal record of credit card fraud because of the risk that it possesses to your customers and the temptation it provides for the employee. Likewise, if you’re operating a child care facility, you don’t want the caregivers whom you hire to have a history of child abuse. In a 2012 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, it was discovered that 86 percent of employers use employment background checks. The majority of employment background checks include a criminal background check, which can help to weed out a candidate who is not a good fit for the position that you are offering due to his/her criminal history.

Background checks should either be completed before you offer a job to a candidate or a conditional offer can be made pending the results of the background check.  By doing so, if something negative appears on his/her employment background check, you can then pause the hiring process with the applicant and take appropriate action.  Some companies make the mistake of hiring job applicants before doing appropriate background checks.

So as you consider your next hire, remember that it is very important to do a background check for the safety and security of your company, but be sure to do it in a way that is legal and non-discriminatory.

An Employment Background Check May Have Made All the Difference

On January 13, a store manager in south Charlotte, North Carolina was murdered. Allegedly, a convicted felon who was recently hired is the murderer. This tragedy brings to light the risks that are taken when a company hires employees without utilizing an employment background check for the applicants being considered.

An employment screening background check is only legally mandatory for employees working in particular fields. These fields include childcare and jobs where individuals work with the aged.

Workplace Violence

An employment background check may have made all the difference

The Flying Biscuit may be penalized or fined because businesses are not permitted to employ felons who have been convicted within the past three years for any jobs that require the serving of alcohol. Mark Anthony Cox allegedly stabbed Danielle Watson, 25 years old, to death and then robbed the cafe on the evening of January 13. Prosecutors fully intend to charge Cox with another murder count for the death of Watson’s unborn child.

According to state records, Cox had been released from prison only a couple months prior to this incident. He had served almost 24 months for breaking and entering as well as robbery.

A representative for the state Department of Crime Control & Public Safety stated that, according to the owner of The Flying Biscuit, an employment background check was not run on Cox.

As is seen here, companies that do not conduct employment screening employee background checks could be exposing themselves to the possibility of legal liability. According to statistics from the American Databank, employers lose in excess of 70% of the negligent hiring lawsuits. Employment background checks are not done in an attempt to tell the employer whom to hire. They are meant to enable the employer to decide whether to hire the individual based on all the facts.

For more information about criminal background checks, please visit which offers employment screening services.